Sequences For A New Matrix


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released September 10, 2012



all rights reserved


SYNODIK Genova, Italy

...a journey through spatial landscapes and desolated wasteland scenarios. The listener is plunged into the atmosphere of an apocalyptic future that is not much dissimilar from a well known reality...

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Track Name: He Came From The Sky
The crawling chaos . . . 
I am the last . . . 
I will tell the audient void

A sense of monstrous guilt was upon the land
And out of the abysses between the stars 
Swept chill currents that made men shiver 
In dark and lonely places 

Into the lands of civilisation came Him
Swarthy, slender, and where He went rest vanished
For the small hours were rent with the screams of nightmare
I burned with eagerness to explore his uttermost mysteries

And I saw the world battling against blackness 
Against the waves of destruction
Whirling, churning, struggling 
Around the dimming, cooling sun
I screamed aloud that I was not afraid
That I never could be afraid
But my power to linger was slight

Screamingly sentient, dumbly delirious 
Only the gods that were can tell 
A sickened, sensitive shadow 
Writhing in hands that are not hands 
And whirled blindly past ghastly midnights of rotting creation
Corpses of dead worlds with sores that were cities 

Beyond the worlds vague ghosts of monstrous things
I half-floated, quivering and afraid 

I half-floated between the titanic snowdrifts 
Quivering and afraid into the sightless vortex 
Of the unimaginable
Track Name: Purification From Insanity
A thunder bursts through silence
As thunderbolts burst through your mind
You are still afflicted by grief
For your lost certainties

One more flash of lightening
Illuminates a leaden sky
White and bright like your hair
Lightened by the inescapable flow of time

Memories from a distant past
Clear like another light
In this sky, dark
They squeeze hopes and break ties

They squeeze hopes and break ties
Thoughts resurface
As interminable sequences of life
Of a former life

You keep watching the sky
And its bewitching plays of light
Frantic thunders rumble inside your ears
Horrors you can’t get rid of
Or perhaps you are not able to do so
For you are confined in the cell of grief
Amid four white barren walls

In this exhausting journey through life
You just wish to free yourself from the last moments
Of agony and turn them into liberation
Like a thunderbolt your anguish vanishes
And immediately after there is only darkness
Track Name: City Of Falling Rain
This is City of Falling Rain
Meltdown town born in pain
Christ won’t see anything
Christ won’t see this suffering

The falling darkness
Of human race
We are the city
Of falling rain
It rains forever
Over this town
It’s never seen
The damned sundown

Tu vieni nella città dormiente
Qui urla e piange la tua gente
Miseria e morte è il mio sconforto
Un pensiero vivo se la pioggia scende

Damned souls wander in the cursed city
Doomed to disown the light
Condemned to run through the urban decay
Oppressed into concrete buildings
Claustrophobic tenements

E nella nebbia della tua mente
Urla e piange le tua gente
Le macerie han nuove forme
Track Name: Speak To The Void
Speak to the void around you
In ethereal glacial endless silence
To the depths of the celestial sphere
In the solitude of space

Pray that your limbs will awake in a torpid future
While a sense of emptiness overcomes you
And drags you down
Remembrances resurface from the past

Speak to the void
To the non-matter
Pure aseptic void
Source of primigenial chaos

Pain and remorse, portions of humanity
Effaced by a blow of hatred

Voices of insanity dispersed in arcane recollections
Memories are vivid and vitreous
Our future turns to a nightmare
A feral glacial infinity
Sweeps us away in an instant

Future archetype of a new surreal non-life
Now you are in the face of a new reality
The shining white of the new rooms
Intense lights blind and overshadow cognition
Vivid remains the never-ending vision of sorrow
Track Name: Headshot
Empty words in an empty life
Mortal thoughts run through my veins
Empty veins that never bled
And happiness I’ve never had

Runs away my innocence
Madness comes insanity
All my dreams decay in black
I am joining my hell

Fantasies of my suicide
And I will laugh and then I’ll cry
I’ve programmed my final step
To sleep in a finest bed

My blurred mind
Is now remorseless
Is now desireless
Yearning for death
Lost in deep despair

In your head
Only a shot in your head
Just to breathe
Can I sleep eternally?
Only a shot in your head to breathe again
Track Name: Dehumanized
No blood runs in your pale faces
Nor does in your apathetic hearts
Your hopeless eyes stare at nowhere
Humans are dehumanized

Dehumanized the humankind is putrefying
The human race slowly decays
All humans suffer

Walking dead darkened by an incurable disease
Condemned to life when life is no more

They control my body reaching for eternity
Bio-identity that seems like you and me

In a future already lost
Different from the new world
Therefore thrown out and enslaved in ruin
Without peace nor life

Created, forged in sorrow, refugees in mind
In most miserable meanders
To release our pain

Do you know?
Now it’s time
Do you feel we’re alone?
I’m alone

All is suffering
And everything is dead and gone into your life

Reveal your eager desires
There is nothing left to hide
Only naked bodies bleeding
Logorrheic mouths and frozen minds
Track Name: The Colour Out Of Space
They were twitching morbidly and spasmodically
Clawing in convulsive and epileptic madness
At the moonlit clouds
Then a cloud of darker depth passed over the moon
And the silhouette of clutching branches faded out 

A spectral half-moon played wanly on the grey
This strange beam of ghastly miasma
Strange colours danced before his eyes
He had seen that colour before

Nothin'... nothin'... the colour... it burns
Cold an' wet, but it burns
I seen it... a kind of smoke
Jest like the flowers last spring
The well shone at night
The colour out of space

The colour out of space, it beats down your mind
Scratching impotently in the noxious air
Subterrene horrors writhing and struggling below 
Insidious beam of.....
Track Name: Sequences For A New Matrix
Your progeny is weak
And your weakness makes you
An easy prey to subject

You're not ready yet
To have your spirit uplifted
And this will be the cause
Of your extinction

For centuries men have been focused
On the seizure of power
Killing each other
Destroying what has been created
The process of crossbreeding has already started
We shall weed out each form of impurity

Your genetic code
Inferior by nature
Is about to host a parasite…

Which will lead us to glory
Transforming you into sentient docile beings
Ready for our coming

You shall be enslaved, bent to our will
Animals made of flesh with no value
Ready to be sacrificed

Fears reborn in whirls of woe
Is death what you yearn for?

Sidereal fragments of pure malignancy
Whatever you choice is, now it’s just too late